There are many different types of coffee machines.  From automatic drips, to percolators to French presses.  Doesn’t matter what type, every office or work location needs a coffee machine.  I the past, the most popular type you would have found, would have been the automatic drip.  Well guess what, the days of the automatic drip seem to be going by the wayside.  If you’re in the market for a coffee machine for work, you may want to consider a single serve coffee machine.  They’re perfect for any size office or work location, they’re easy to use and very little to clean.

Over the last few years single serve coffee makers have become quite popular and are quickly replacing the 10 & 12 cup automatic drip coffee makers.  Unlike the automatic drips, the single serve coffee makers make a fresh cup of coffee every time!  They use a specially made pod or cup, which contains the right amount of ground coffee in it, to produce a great tasting, fresh cup of coffee brewed when you want it, how you like it!

Coffee machines for workThe great thing about having single serve coffee machines for work  is that you don’t have to ask people for money, and you don’t have to be the one who gets to the machine when there’s no more left.  How many times have you been the one gets to the pot, only to find that the last person who had a cup, decided to leave just enough to fill the bottom of your mug.  You open the canister of ground coffee only to find that there’s no more!  Well no more.  Each person in the office would have their own k-cups.  They want a coffee, they use their own k-cups.  No need to refill filters, no need for ground coffee canisters.  Just a k-cup, and a mug, is all you need to make yourself a fresh cup of coffee at work!

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