You go through the same thing every morning.  You get to the Tim Horton’s drive through, only to find out that about 10 other people had the exact same idea….at the exact same time!  So you sit in your car waiting for over 10 minutes, just so you can have your “Timmy’s” before work.  Is there any relief from this daily wait that adds more and more time to your commute?  Well Tim Horton’s and Tassimo have been listening and they’re proud to introduce the new Tim Horton’s T-Discs by Tassimo for use with their single serve coffee makers.  Now you can make your “Timmy’s” every morning with 1 finger, in under 2 minutes, instead of sitting in those never ending line ups the just add to the frustrations.

TIM HORTON’S COFFEE T DISCS  can be purchase from amazon if you’ve already got a Tassimo single serve coffee machine, and if you need a single serve coffee machine, they can be purchased HERE